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Details of my VPro Locking mod (Dual VPro in an octane)

Ok, so my lazy ass finally (turned the octane off, sad) pulled the modded VPro out. I've included pictures, and explanation here
like I said I would a while back.

I put it in a new thread here, just for clean reference if anyone goes looking in the future (as I'm sure they will).

Heres the shots:


This is the LOCKED position.




And a profile shot for good measure.

I constructed the locking mechanism using parts from the extra Vpro carrier. If anyone wants to copy this exactly I can go into detail
on what to cut, what I used where and where to drill. The rod is a a spacer from the single xio slots. It is "bonded" to the plastic rod, and metal
cam piece from the original VPro tray. This plastic and metal piece was the original actuator for the lock, so it fit in on the vpro right where it needed to.

The pieces were bonded together using hi temp foil tape, and then the foil tape was insulated with electrical tape, to prevent any shorts.
I completely removed the backing plate, and drilled the hole so it would line up with the locking cam.

Then its as simple as attaching the locking rod, and install!

This was able to be completed, using only pieces from the extra XIO carrier, which is cool, so the mod can be accomplished with
on hand parts most of the time. I plan on getting one of the Origin style latches to clean up the install in the future, but for now
it works great! My POST issues disappeared when I upgraded the Power supply to the newer cherokee.

Feel free to ask any questions...

When installing both cards in an octane, the bottom card slides in, then you can reach into the XIO bay, and lock the card.
Only the top card needs the locking mod.
When sliding the top card in, it is very important to keep firm upward pressure on the card, into the guide rail, so that the XIO
connector seats perfectly straight, before locking. The card has no rail to support it on the bottom.
Make sure it is firmly, seated, then actuate the lock.
Wow. That's a fair bit more ghetto than it is with MGRAS graphics boards.
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Haha, yeah, its a little ghetto. but I made it work with what I had.

That fancy latch is exactly what I was picturing in my head!
I had no idea it was a real part at the time though.

That push pull locker will accomplish the exact same thing for those who have it available.
Cant confirm that it will clear the memory chips, and the heatsink, like mine though... but
recondas says it should.

Ok it looks like pierocks confirmed that this push pull locker WILL NOT clear the heatsinks and ram!
So it looks like my ghetto method is going to prove more useful than I thought.
pilot345 wrote: Ok it looks like pierocks confirmed that this push pull locker WILL NOT clear the heatsinks and ram!
So it looks like my ghetto method is going to prove more useful than I thought.
The width and thickness of the octane and O2k latches are pretty close to the same. There are stand-offs built into the screw attachment points - by eyeball it looks like the stand-offs on the Octane latch might an an 1/8" or so taller. Adding a couple of small washers to act as a shim between the VPro PCB and the O2k latch would probably do the trick.
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I was visualizing using the rod system a la O2k but with the actuator built out of a mild steel rod, perhaps 3/16". This could have a bend at the XIO end of the board to clear the heatsink and exit through a small hole drilled in the bulkhead, with a further bend providing a handle.
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