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So I understand that there is a second geometry
engine in the SSI card, and that if TRAM is added
it becomes equivalent to an MXI graphics system.

My question is, how much better monetarily is it?
There is an Octane system with a 195MHz R10K
going for a mere $59.99 right now that has an
SSI graphics card.

I already have an R12k system with much better specs,
but I only have the ESI graphucs. Is it worth paying
$100-$150 dollors just for the SSI graphics?

Thanks in advance!
Yeah, I think TRAM is really what I want
to uprade anyway, so it would probably
be in my best interest to wait for an
EMXI or V6. I just wish the prices would
drop quicker than they currently are.

Thanks for the help!
I have a few C300 with the 400MHz processors, and while the clock
speed is higher, I just can't get use to CDE after working with IRIX.
I put Linux on it as an experiment and it was too slow.

Not that it is a true benchmark, but I ran SETI on it with HP-UX and
Linux and the results were about 8 hours on HP-UX, and over 10
running Linux. My Octane R12k 300, runs SETI in just under 7.

I have pictures of the outside of it, nothing special though, just something
to show some friends.

I have two extra if anyone is really interested.

In the nuclear world Unix workstation are still used for a couple of reasons:

1.) All programs were originally written for Unix, and the QA work involved
in verifying a compile on a new platform can be a great hassle.
2.) The documentation required for QA is enough already without having an
operating system that is still evolving, once a system is together it stays
that way.
3.) The hardware prices do not seem to be an issue for big shops that
just need it to work, plus no one feels the cheaper stuff is robust enough.

Also I have seen many cases in CAD where, yes it is supported on x86 platforms,
but they simply cannot keep up with the RISC sytems.

PC have there place, but it is not everywhere (thank goodness).

hope this provides some insight!

Yes I am in the nuclear world! You wouldn't happen to work
for Susquehanna would you? (it's one of the plants we work

I am not so lucky as to get that close though, most of my
work is in analysis.

We are actually doing some work with Limerick right now as well.

So as not to get too off topic, check your inbox.

For those who have not seen it yet, 6.5.30 is now available
for download...

If anyone gets it installed in the next few days, please let
us all know if you have problems with it. I am downloading
mine now.
So I decided to start a new thread on the development effort of Blender for
Irix. I am starting it today because I have just compiled the CVS version of
Blender that is fully static and includes FFMPEG and OpenEXR.

I am hoping to have a few people try it and then I would like to submit it
to, so that the official download site will contain this version.

The binary is located at: ... ps.tar.bz2

Please let me know if there are any problems!
Just wondering if anyone has had a chance to test this version. I have the email
drafter to the developers list and I wanted to get some feedback before I sent
it out.

Thanks in advance for the help testing!
ka0s wrote: Glad to be of assistance but I already have version 242a on my system.
I grabbed that one from the official blender download site.
Or is there something different with this version?

And thanks for keeping blender alive on Irix !!!!!

There is something different with this version. It has FFMPEG and OpenEXR
statically linked in. Also since it is using the latest version of FFMPEG, it is working

I tested it on another computer of mine without the same environment and it
seems to be working fine, just wanted to be sure when I tell them it is ready.

Thanks for the help! I will let you know if/when the official site has this version!
Alright, Blender 2.43RC1 is now available for the Irix platform! The
link is below: ... ps.tar.bz2

I probably will not put together the Nekoware version until after the final
version is released as I have been awfully busy lately. In fact I compiled
the above version from Japan since I am here on business.

Please let me know if you have any problem. And thanks to all in advance
for testing and continuing to support the Irix version of Blender!
Sorry about the errors. Since I am in Japan I was not able to test all
the capabilities. My machine is set to automatically turn on at 9:30AM
California time, so I will get to it ASAP.

Thanks for the feedback - I appreciate it!
fzalfa wrote: thankx for the correction :)

is it possible to you to build it with more thread number ???
16 if possible or more.....


The limitation on the number of threads is built in to the Blender system
so that is not a function of the compilation.

Also as far as the missing scripts files. The .blender file is included in the
main directory, so just copy it to your home directory and all the scripts
you need will be there.

Once you have copied files try the 'q' command again and please let me
know. I can't test it at the moment as I am away from my system, so I
will try it as soon as I can.

Thanks for the continued help!
Alright, I have answers! First, the reason that 'q' doesn't work anymore
is because it was changed to 'cntrl+q', so give that a try and let me know
if it works for you.

Also, I recompiled and found that I could compile blenderplayer, so you
will notice that the download is now about twice the size.

The third and possibly most exciting part is that someone on the blender
developer list pointed out where to change the number of possible threads
in the code from 8 to whatever I wanted.

Here is the version with a maximum of 1024 threads! ... ps.tar.bz2

Please let me know if anything is not working properly.

Here is the newly compiled version with a maximum of 1024 threads: ... ps.tar.bz2

I also update the other topic, so check it out:


Let me know if you have comments or questions!


hmmm, I will have to check into it more tomorrow (computer is shutdown
till tomorrow morning). There must be a setting for it in another place.

As for the command line tile set, I will have to check on that as well.

Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.

I will have to check on the libiconv version. But it should not
matter since everything was compiled in statically except standard
Irix libraries. I will also do an ldd to ensure that is still true, but
if you would also check on your system and let me know that
you don't have any odd dependencies I would appreciate it.

RC2 is ready to go! This one includes Blenderplayer as well! (I was
previously having trouble getting it to compile). ... ps.tar.bz2

Hopefully this version has fixed some of the quirks you guys mentioned
earlier. I am also working on upping the max number of threads, so
you should see a much bigger number than 8 by the time of the final

Thanks again for the support and help!

(remember that it is cntrl-q to quit now)
Hmm, well I will have to work on recompiling iconv and seeing
if that fixes it. I am using the static library from the Nekoware

I will try and put a post on the mailing list for Blender about
this to see if anyone has some insight.

Thanks again for reminding me of it. Sorry I have not had a
chance to fix it so far.
skywriter wrote: Charles does the current version of blender contain all the advances that were developed in the production of Elephants Dream? dual monitors, sequencer stuff, etc...

Yup everything is in there, it just seems as though there are few things I have to resolve since some are having issues. It has the game-engine and Blenderplayer included as well (I don't remember if Blenderplayer was previously included).
joerg wrote:
Well, Jarndyce911 build the rc2 and im sure he will also create a 2.43 for IRIX.

Yes I am sorry that I am so late on this. I had the asbestos removed from
my ceiling and before it was done I had to leave on a business trip which
has been extended a week past when it was suppose to go till.

It is one of my first priorities when I get back! Sorry again!

Well, it is not on the official download page just yet, but we are on the map again: ... ps.tar.bz2

Please let me know if you have any problems. Sorry again for the delay!

I will try and work on a Nekoware version this week!

Okay, now we are on the official download page!

Thanks for the feedback. I will put a post in the Nekoware topic and
see if anyone can compile the latest version of libiconv.

It ends up that the Iconv error was actually an error in the Blender coding that has been fixed for the next version (so I am told).

I am working on compiling the RC versions of 2.44. I am having a little issue at the moment, but in the next week or two expect to see the latest version.

Thanks for the continued support!

Here is the RC1 version of Blender 2.44. The file issue and Iconv issue are taken care of in this version (as far as I know).

The official link will be up on by tomorrow, but until then you can get it from here: ... ps.tar.bz2

I will probably modify the link above once it is available from, but I thought I would give everyone a head start.

Any feedback is appreciated!


Alright, it is on the site! ... ps.tar.bz2

Please use this link to download, so they know people are still interested.


Thanks for all the encouragement it helps to keep me motivated!

Here is RC2, complete with SSS (sub-surface scatter) and all! ... ps.tar.bz2

Let me know of any problems!

Here are the regression test files:

They have been updated to include a quick and simple SSS test.

Let me know what you find!

Actually I had to recompile once I got the new version of OpenEXR (which is used in Blender), I just forgot to upload the new version of Yafray. Sorry about that (I have been busy).

This should be it: ... 9a.tardist

Please let me know if it still does not work!


Blender 2.44 has been released! Here is the link to the Irix version! ... ps.tar.bz2

fzalfa wrote:
but why be limited to 8 thread..... 2.43 have 1024 threads.....

Actually 2.43 was also limited to 8 threads, I just upped the limit of what you could tell it to do (it could never actually do it though - too many core Blender modifications would be required).

Glad it is working so far, Irix is on the main download page now!

Well, I need some help with compiling. I am coming across an instantiation loop that I cannot seem to get rid or, nor can I describe well enough the problem to the Blender group.

I have attached my Scons compile log, which includes all the errors.

I would really appreciate any help or insight!


Yeah, I already found those articles, thanks though.

I am running MipsPro 7.4.4 (I think, whatever the latest is), with all the current patches, and I am not using -Ofast or even -O3 (although I might try both to see if it changes how the problem pops up.)

Well I ended up solving the problem (more circumvent it) by following the information
in this link: ... /ch04.html

I just used -no_prelink -ptused, and everything else fell in place.

I will put an update once 2.45 is officially released.


Blender 2.45 has been released!

Let me know if anyone find any errors.


lhaza wrote: Only thing that came to my mind that some .svn directories are included (e.g. blender-2.45-irix-6.5-mips/.blender/scripts/.svn and others).

Yeah, the .svn directories seem to be present in all releases (it was the "make release"
command that I used); not sure why, but nothing to worry about.

Glad you are enjoying it!