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>mfw you people think that most kids these days are tech savvy when most kids I know IRL are terrible with computers. time...I was arguing over if an iPhone is better than a two years ago...

He said that his iPhone is actually so good that if it were immobile then it would still be better than my PC.

I lol'd hard.

But yeah, I'd say there are quite a few more kids who are good with computers these days. But I'd say that most/all people here are still better than the overwhelming majority of the people my age. Like, most of us can work with a computer, troubleshoot, etc...but programming is a whole different thing. Heck, one time I recruited a guy who was in college for computer science that was 19, and he whined all day about doing his programs in C++ instead of Visual Basic. That guy is still being an idiot and annoying me, and I got rid of him months ago. I'm pretty sure he was faking it, though. That, an extremely rare case, or general failing college. In any case, he never got paid, so he doesn't matter. //feels like I've gone off topic in an already looking-derailed topic.
*reads post*

I agree with much of this. They really need to stop penalizing students for getting ahead. And if I go to college, I don't think I'll learn anything, just because of what I've seen.

And yeah, that guy was absolutely hilarious with his insanity. Also, not knowing what RGB is? LOL, I'm nowhere near focused on art, and I know what RGB is.

And I don't have an SGI, afterall, I am only 15. Hah.
I live in Louisiana, in America. Lol. Thank you for the offer, however :)

And yeah, kids these days seem to have tons of, I mean, money. At school, all I hear about is Mac and Alienware. It's funny when the really Mac obsessed kids say that I'm some sort of Microsoft junkie and I say I run Linux and they get mad.
skywriter wrote:
Nuke wrote:
. It's funny when the really Mac obsessed kids say that I'm some sort of Microsoft junkie and I say I run Linux and they get mad.

that's because you're telling people that run a rational system (OS X) to try something that isn't put together well at all (Linux). say something meaningful, and you'll get better responses.

Nah. It's not that. It's that I don't use Mac. It's more like these two or three kids who will actively hate whoever doesn't use Mac. I actually do use Linux, though. However, I'm not telling them to use Linux. They just rage for no apparent reason and make me laugh at them. After this, it typically goes to iPhones being used in India while Linux is only used in the US, me saying "Other way around, kid.", one kid going "YOU MAD BECAUSE YOU CAN'T AFFORD A MAC?", me saying no, then a kid raging and telling the teacher, and then the teacher laughing at them. It goes in this exact order.

But yeah, you can see why I think it's funny. Especially the last part.
PymbleSoftware wrote:
I wrote:
With my SGIs...

I dabble, I've built a little software like ThisForth, swi-prolog , and Hercules mainframe emulator , played with lots and lots of nekoware (thanks contributors), I dabble in animation with lightwave, SoftImnage, Shake, Smoke, Flame, Blender, and other CG tools, run a a mediawiki (neko PHP and neko Postgres) and use them as huge heaters and to astound visitors touring the facility with the heat, noise, and blinking lights. When stuff builds cleanly its fun to throw 16 CPUs and 16Gb RAM at a build.. But even my desktop at work has 16Gb RAM (and two thunderbolt ports) these day... I use them for reliving the glory days when UNIX ruled and I dreamed of having access to stuff like this, even the SGIs I used at university or in construction of a military flight simulator were never as powerful as the SGIs I have now.

I dabble in Stereographics with Crystal Eyes Shutter glasses, and mess about with spaceballs .

Another use is to capture screenshots as I update the wiki ..

I think I have a shorter answer. I use my SGIs as an unbounded creative outlet, a cathartic release from the stresses and strains of work ( 1a ) and fighting with the publisher/editors on my programming book.

Nuke wrote:
I agree with much of this. They really need to stop penalizing students for getting ahead. And if I go to college, I don't think I'll learn anything, just because of what I've seen.

Get a piece of paper son, you'll need it in the real world. Even if you don't learn anything. Also I had a lecturer say you almost know more about this subject than I do, during one 3rd subject. Questions in class were always of the format "Can anyone else think of how or why ... " conversations in class were almost private conversations with the rest of the class struggling to try to keep up with why my answer was correct but the more optional or elegant way was .. The first (two week) assignment, I handed it in the next day after it was given nicely typeset in LaTeX, while the rest of the class was lining up to complain about how hard the assignment was. I got 100% for that one and the next few assignment were briefly glanced at, 100% written on it and given back to me straight away. I assure you I never felt penalized for getting ahead, quite the opposite.

On the topic of students. I went through university with some straight-"A" students who could quote directly anything in the course notes or text book but give them a real world practical topic and they were just clueless... I also knew other students who got average to better than average grades but had the ability to with little more than a paper clip and a few lines of anything from perl to assembler hack something together had power gloves and VR goggles in their dorm room, etc. Guess which ones got plush jobs and fast track to management.

I've talked with a well paid MSc in computer science who have never held a soldering iron or seen anything below the Java JVM and said as much.

nuke wrote:
In any case, he never got paid, so he doesn't matter.
:evil: :evil: :twisted:

Fscking people over is very very uncool, no matter what the reason. One day you'll piss off someone who does something like deleting the firmware off the routers the day they leave and wait for your next network issue and someone to reboot the routers months after they have left... or worse. What goes around comes around.


1a . For the next few months I am doing poker machine stuff in C/C++, OpenGL on Linux. It is far less glamourous than you think.. After a fews days debugging/testing, I really can't understand how people would actually put money in those machines just to sit there for hours but I have been through the more remote parts of Nevada and even the PX'es on base have poker machines with people sitting there for hours.

Oh sorry! I didn't see this post. I'll respond to it now. I mainly understand the first half of your response to me. But I have an explanation for the second half.

Actually, we had a bit of an agreement from the beginning where he would take an undisclosed amount of the profits, and when I fired him, he raged and said that I can keep his share of the profits. And so, I did not. It's a bit of ridiculousness, too, where he's attempted to sabotage my business because his "company" (Which is actually a forum on Zetaboards claiming to be a company.) that he established after being fired won't be able to get ahead while it rips off my ideas and advertises a link to a website that's on a free forum host. Also, he claims that he quit.
yetanother**ixuser wrote:
as the system tells you to replace "42R7430 "...this looks not very promising. 42R7430 is the systemboard :?

OUCH. This is probably why it was sold...I hope it didn't cost too much...
C64s are mainly regarded as a retro console AFAIK.

I agree with Guardian, by the way.
PymbleSoftware wrote:
I've been doing a few days worth of work at a local university...

but the kid don't want to go through the challenging stuff. Quartz Composer isn't that hard, its node based.

Doing anything with your parents as a teenager is pretty un cool teenagers want their space.

@Guardian.. More programmers today you say... more poser, want-to-be, tech heads who act like they know everything but actually know absolutely nothing and have no skills in anything behind them...I am shocked by kids today, I've been practically worshipped for doing little to nothing on a cake-walk project which is "far too difficult" for the current crop of grads... who say "rah-rah, yay-yay, I'm awesome"... first slight hurdle or the rubber hits the road and rah-rah I'm awesome becomes "way-wah everything sucks". They expect to press a single button and the code just rolls out magically all around them.
Lots and lots more "programmers" ... so few people actually able to write code.

Back in the day, I knew very little but probably enough to keep my mouth shut except to ask stuff like... "You mean you wrote your entire O/S from scratch and burnt it in an eeprom"..? and ... "what do you meant you'll just just code it in your head in hex and dump it straight to disk and attempt to boot it"... People who coded in binary or hex... did maths in different bases.. programmed mostly in solder... those guys were legends and very made little noise about stuff. People who thought my C= 64 was cute and much simpler than designing their machines from scratch just to track satellites or intercept HF radio fax...for fun..

@SAQ teaching Java to kids should be considered child abuse.


Yeah, I knew this one guy that made me lean towards things this, and I really should have mentioned this earlier. (I actually love this topic.)

He said that object-orientation is tough to apply to code.

Later, I met another guy that told me that he's a "master" programmer; he has job offers at such big names as Google.

He SOLIDIFIED this notion!

He told me that I'm a moron for choosing scalability over ease of development.

He also complains all day about how people make it too hard to program.

Apparently, if you use programming languages like C and C++ that are more difficult, then you're an idiot for not choosing the easy route.

"if you use c++, you might as well reinvent the wheel but in assembly. you should program everything, operating system and up, and then make your website on that."

He told me that a video game that I'm still programming is stupid because it runs on platforms other than OSX and iOS. When I told him that my audience uses Windows primarily and not OSX, he said:

"you base your audience on your moron friends."

He couldn't get it nailed into his head if a customer hit his head with a brick that he is not as valuable as the customer.

He also loves breaking backwards compatibility.

So, that's a good story for you guys.

Note that I'm not saying that I'm a great programmer. I'm just saying that most new programmers shouldn't have made it through college, and if they're still in high school or college, they shouldn't be calling themselves programmers unless they've made something serious.

Hell, one couldn't even do basic percentages...and yet he has an MD in CS.
PymbleSoftware wrote:
... and these are the kids that are not out-sourcing their homework... :roll:


I don't do that stuff in the first place...hah.

Although my school won't let me take any tech until AP Computer Science (Java) in Senior year...

I think that is a bit absurd.
What do you guys think of the Illumos project? I figure it's neat to keep OpenSolaris alive. They should support Clang, SPARC, and other things, but I guess their developer base is too small for all of it.
Yeah, I know....but a lot of people think that they were consoles.

Also, have you guys seen the new ones? Lol
Adrenaline isn't as new as the really bad ones that I referenced. I think that they began around the time that it became "mainstream" to "program" in easier languages like VB.NET and non-programming markup languages like HTML.
Indeed, Noth.

And Pymble, OpenIndiana is an official distro of Illumos.

Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience, though.
I am surprised that not everyone here works in computational technology.

I am just a kid in high school trying to make a startup.
4130photo wrote:
Nuke wrote:
I am surprised that not everyone here works in computational technology.

I am just a kid in high school trying to make a startup.

I'm a mechanical engineer, working for a medium large automotive supplier in Koblenz/Germany. So i think there are quite some people here from outside the It business. But i admit i started loving sgi back in university in the 90s, and that didn't change much

I see. Yeah, I was surprised, but now that I think of it, they were graphics people with industrial design (CAD) and graphics (3D graphics for games, movies, etc.) people could be into this, too. Hah.
I think that it depends on the device with Bluetooth.

I'm personally getting my first mobile phone, a Galaxy Nexus, soon.
Yeah, I'm presuming that one since it's cheap and updated.
GL1, do you have anything in English about it?
Well, it's not the final product appearance: It's a design of another product by the manufacturer. Spare case, pretty much.

BUT it is a bad console. It seems like they're going to sell it for more than the PS3 debuted at, and have lower specs.

Earth to Valve: What's wrong with you?
Indeed, Zmt. seems like it'll be worth about $500 (based on my laptop's price since EXACT SAME SPECS) and possess a $999 pricetag.

But yeah...I also strongly dislike the marketing tactic that it runs all Steam games, when it's a very limited amount of games on Steam in reality.

I think that it probably runs a Valve distro, though.

But, still, I don't like that marketing tactic with the "Steam library of thousands of games" being available.

I should make a topic where I just criticize Steam.

Anyway, they also say that a mobile Steambox console will be released, if I interpreted Gabe Newell talking about "Littlefoot" correctly.
zmttoxics wrote:
They may roll their own, sure. But absolutely nothing is stopping you from downloading the packages and installing them on an Ubuntu 12* machine or a Fedora 17* machine like I did.

I know. I don't think you're getting my point, though.

They're falsely advertising that the Steam library of thousands of games is fully playable with a Steambox, so then people will think that it's a good value because it has cheap, plentiful games. In addition, it costs way too much. I do like the concept of a controller that can change for different games, though. (See Valve's controller patent.)
It's aimed at developing markets like OUT HERE IN RUSSIA.

Or Africa. Either way.
The Steam library is indeed massive. The statement is wrong because it only has access to about 1% of the Steam library.
The Steambox runs Linux.

About 20-40 games of the Steam library are available on Linux, if I remember correctly.

There are nearly two thousand games in the Steam library.

Additionally, SteamPlay is not mandatory for cross-platform titles. Therefore, you may actually be unable to play your game on the Steambox after purchasing the Windows version, because you'll have to pay again for another OS.

Sure, you could argue that the Steambox OS can be changed to Windows, but then you'll have to pay Microsoft for a new copy of Windows without an OEM license.

Meanwhile, you may also lose controller support on Windows, which defeats the purpose of the Steambox.
Are you calling their OS speculation? Gaben himself confirmed it, although he never confirmed that Valve will be the distro maker.

They're advertising the Steam library already. They will in the future.

They're probably going to advertise "over a thousand games under $10" or something of that nature to give the impression that it's a value console.

Alongside this, Steam games are all playable on Windows, so why buy the Steambox?
I think that for the lulz one day, I'll post a concept of an "Illumos/BSD Phone" on XDA-Developers or some other mobile development forum, and ask for feedback.

...The laughter will echo throughout the world.
Yeah, I'm acknowledging what I believe that the best feature will be, too. The controller patent is public, and Valve has stated that they are looking to innovate input IIRC.

Anyway, I'm not a fan of Windows. I'm just stating the fact that the entire Steam library works on Windows, while very little of it will work on the Steambox, and that which will work on the Steambox will also work on Windows in almost all situations.
Haha, I suppose you're right, SGIFanatic.
I'm surprised that 3% are in my age bracket of under 20.

However, I'm not surprised that only 1 person is under 20.


Yeah, I was disappointed by this. Variety is being sucked out of the market. I don't like it.

On a somewhat related note, "Don't reinvent the wheel!" is becoming the most annoying thing I've ever heard lately.

But I don't have one.

I just joined because it looked lulzy enough to join without one.
VenomousPinecone wrote:
Nuke wrote:
[...]while very little of it will work on the Steambox.

Extrapolation and accurate prediction of the future was once a hobby of mine, then I started riding a skateboard and my ulcer went away. :lol:

I must admit I did make a large smile at this. :lol:
Actually, Google pays Opera for the search feature. So Opera makes a bit of money.
Quite late, but congratulations Neko. You've got a good forum and now it's in double digits.
So I decided to use SmartOS since I hear that it's a stable distro of illumos. Not sure about OmniOS, but the hosting with it was super expensive relative to SmartOS hosting, so I figured I'd try SmartOS.

Anyway, I don't know if this applies to every other implementation of Zones, but here's the error I keep getting:

"[root@70-54-d2-19-68-c1 ~]# vmadm create -f ekunia1.json
UNCAUGHT EXCEPTION (84fe15c5): dumping core

fs.readFile (fs.js:176:14)
Object.oncomplete (fs.js:297:15)
Abort (core dumped)"

Furthermore, the ekunia1.json manifest being summoned:

"brand": "joyent",
"dataset_uuid": "a0f8cf30-f2ea-11e1-8a51-5793736be67c",
"alias": "ekunia1",
"hostname": "ekunia1",
"max_physical_memory": 32768,
"zfs_root_compression": lzjb
"quota": 0,
"nics": [
"nic_tag": "admin",
"ip": "",
"netmask": "",
"gateway": ""

EDIT: I'd also like to mention that this is an undocumented error AFAIK.
The avatar gallery brought great laughter upon me.

I applaud it.
The Steambox is supposedly only $300 for a console which is better than the PS4 or next Xbox now.

I feel that I'm not alone in doubting it. They also promised a "$99 but eventually free" weak console and a more powerful console line which is literally a line of Steambox-branded third party PCs with Valve controllers.

Of course, every deal has its catch. You can't have everything cheap, even when Valve uses digital distribution. Especially when they promise to sell low cost games to recoup the costs of losing hundreds on every console.
What are these minis of which you speak?
Pontus, that's a bit slower than a Steambox...but yes. They're comparable.