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I'm Catholic, Agnostic, or Russian Orthodox, depending on the time of day.

Therefore, I welcome the new Pope. Also, the guy who I ask about Theological things (who also happens to be a Catholic school's Theology teacher) said that the new Pope aims to eliminate the pedo-priests. I wish him great luck in this venture.
I'm a radical right-winger but I'm still laughing as I post this.

I think I might make an account to sign this and the "RESIGN!" petition.

//Nuke will make haste in his move to Russia now.
I just realized that I forgot some quotation marks around strings.

And I realized that over the course of the last day or so, actually. Plus the gateway was never configured. But alas, when "fixed", it yielded the another undocumented error. And when the quotes were removed, another undocumented error was found. I've begin to believe that these are not actual error codes.

New file:

"brand": "joyent",
"dataset_uuid": "a0f8cf30-f2ea-11e1-8a51-5793736be67c",
"alias": "ekunia1",
"hostname": "ekunia1",
"max_physical_memory": 32768,
"dns_domain": ""
"quota": 0,
"nics": [
"nic_tag": "admin",
"ip": "",
"netmask": "ffffff00",
"gateway": ""

Thanks, Matt/Mdrobnak.
Indeed, Nekonoko. I have actually used gallery avatars on another forum software, though.

Code: (fs.js:330:11)
Object.fs.readFile (fs.js:116:6)
readFile (/usr/vm/sbin/vmadm:634:8)
main (/usr/vm/sbin/vmadm:772:9)
exports.rootInSmartosGlobal (/usr/node/0.8/node_modules/onlyif.js:44:9)
ChildProcess.exithandler (child_process.js:538:7)
ChildProcess.EventEmitter.emit (events.js:99:17)
maybeClose (child_process.js:638:16)
Process._handle.onexit (child_process.js:680:5)
Abort (core dumped)


"brand": "joyent",
"dataset_uuid": "a0f8cf30-f2ea-11e1-8a51-5793736be67c",
"alias": "ekunia1",
"hostname": "ekunia1",
"max_physical_memory": 32768,
"quota": 0,
"nics": [
"nic_tag": "admin",
"ip": "",
"netmask": "ffffff00",
"mac": "82:3c:a3:ac:44:33",
"gateway": "",
hamei wrote:
guardian452 wrote:
I made a account :shock: just to sign this :lol:

The vision of all those pompous buffoons walking around with their sponsors' patches plastered all over them has me in stitches :D

not sure if it was a very good idea (to make the account) or not...

I know the feeling. But since Big Brother has an entire city in the desert dedicated to intercepting and storing every single one of our communications for future thought-crimes, what's one more black mark ?

Yeah, this is quite funny. I'm not worried about privacy at this point thanks to having it stolen by every entity. However, I'm quite lazy, to the point where I probably won't make an account. :lol:
oreissig wrote:
Nuke wrote:
Microsoft has always been x86
The Xbox 360 is running some custom tri-core PowerPC.

bgalakazam wrote:
not to mention that next gaming consoles (Sony and Microsoft) will be running on casualware x86 as well... looks like everybody is bending over
Regarding Performance/$, going (almost) off-the-shelf seems quite reasonable.
And the huge plus is unification for game developers. Now they only need to target one platform and maybe change some libs to build for a console. Not that I'm interested in consoles, but I think that's going to be beneficial for PC games as well.

Yes, I know that. I meant overall, in the course of Microsoft, they've rarely gone off of x86. This is one of those cases. (The original XBOX was not.)

What is this, POWER7 for $5000? And where is it?
Got it, with a little help from the issues area at smartos-live.

I had to set the netmask to and remove the comma after gateway.

Additionally, I had some other syntax errors, mostly relating to quotation marks.
hamei wrote:
total stupidity

Lack of knowledge amongst executives, I guess?

I figure some of these execs really have no clue.

"B-But Microsoft is a big deal!" is probably their reaction to the others telling them that Microsoft will devour them.
And now a Happy April Fools! Haha.
For the heck of it, I think I'll port some closed-source stuff that I've been programming to IRIX or something. :lol:

No really, I'd do that if I had manuals on how to do low-level programming for MIPS64 R16000 and V12 chips.

Does this please Bgalakazam? And more importantly, would it please Hamei?
miod wrote:
Nuke wrote:
And more importantly, would it please Hamei?

You can't please Hamei, but it's fun to watch people trying.

That's the joke.
I personally support software patents; however, there's no question we need lots of changes and reform.
It looks okay, but I wouldn't back it. I'm sure Shuttleworth is just doing this to drum up media attention for his OS.
My grandma said she wanted to see it because it looks like a laugh.
hamei wrote: Lots of places will bounce you for being a "private" mail server. You can get around that to some extent with a spiffydiff record. There are still morons who bounce anything that isn't from a commercial mail account but it helps.

If you are in China, may as well give up before you begin. "It's from Chiiiina ! Must be spam !" or alternatively "China ! Hackers ! Hide the women and children !"

After a while it gets to be not worth the hassle.

China bad, you know. Meanwhile, Crocs walks out of Guangdong owing their vendors seventy million dollars. "Just a business decision, mateys ! Later, much !"

100% agree about the "whole country ban" concept. I really dislike excessive spam control. It's worse than excessive DRM with me.

"Ban Russia/Ukraine/Belarus! Ban China!"

My spammers seem to be Indian and American.
This is just a nifty little suggestion that I'd like to say someone should do sometime.

A theme (AKA Style AKA whatever phpBB calls it) with IRIX/SGI machines on it would be pretty suiting for the forum. It would also be kinda funny if there were a more "Neko" theme to Nekochan.

I'd probably still like to use this default theme, though. Some of us don't adapt to change very well.
eudatux23 wrote: I would really love to see:
A newer webbrowser than Firefox 3. Maybe something webkit-based?

Also a newer office suite than OpenOffice 1 would be great. What about Libreoffice?

Another really great thing to port would be the Telegram messenger (Source Code available here: ). Especially this one would be really really great to have on my Octane.

Thanks if something of it is possible!

You'd be very lucky if one version of FF with a JIT got ported, yet alone a whole different program.

If JVM works well on IRIX, maybe you'll get a newer OpenOffice, but probably not.

Telegram...well maybe that can be ported, but Pavel Durov would probably remove it due to lack of updates in the future, and it may not work for very long due to maintenance concerns.

Or maybe the guy who resigned from his company and blamed the government when he couldn't get his job back from an angry board would keep it, if you're lucky.
Well, the reason I said it wouldn't work out is exactly because it's alive. If they update their protocol like an ordinary messenger, it will gradually break the IRIX version, since we'll be too short-staffed to maintain it.
vishnu wrote:
foetz wrote:
vishnu wrote: One thing's for sure, the LibreSSL guys didn't think too highly of the state of the OpenSSL code when they forked it.

they should've kept the build system tho. libressl comes with a bunch of crap such as hardcoded, gcc specific cflags and such

Well that's retarded. But apparently not as retarded as the OpenSSL codebase:

Even if only a tiny fraction of what he's saying is accurate, wow wwwww .. . :shock: :roll: ... 00011.html ... 00012.html
Well, I can understand not re-implementing libc?

The drop-in replacement part, though...not supporting everything the original supports, just "what people will probably use"? This sounds tolerable for me given I probably won't ever need any of the things they've removed but I still don't like the idea of intentionally not supporting things and then saying "drop-in replacement".
It was okay. I expected worse, so it was decent.

The actual connection to the original Jurassic canon (InGen itself) was very contrived; that's the biggest thing that bothered me. It was so contrived I was wondering if InGen was just included as some company's name as a nod to the original.
I miss the Colbert Report. The recap episode before Colbert took his spot was alright.
It was supposed to be a business that explores a new way of creating revenue.
Then it became 90s.
By the time I started Ekunia as a teenager (still unprofitable but then again I only worked weekends and promised to never actually pay anyone whenever they wanted to be my employee), it was a thing where some guys wanted to get in on some fad like Clojure or your favorite PHP framework.
Now it seems that startups are a form of subsidiary controlled by powerful VCs that have become skilled enough at negotiation to actually control the companies in their investment portfolios. Wouldn't recommend the VC route.
Kickstarter started as a thing I would have trusted (although it had too much red tape for my startup) until people began seemingly throwing money at it in ways to make it look less credible. It seems like a bunch of idiots don't know how to spend their money properly, and a bunch of dumb startup teams get overconfident because a lot of McDonald's employees with $15 minimum wage in Seattle will throw money at you.