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joerg wrote:
Vagabondo wrote:
@fzalfa...what file were you using to benchmark your test??

I think the file is from this webside


WOW !!

The o2k are very impressive, if you ask me ! 8)

If you consider as well that the processors in there are very old ones now, it's even more impressive !
The r10k is about twice as fast as the so called "revolutionnary" CoreDuo on a per Mhz basis !!! :shock:

It's even more depressing now to think where SGI is...
BTW, the fact that Blender still runs on SGI is a good thing !

Laurent aka Tartiflette :)

P.S. : And hello to all the members of the board, it's my first post here ! :D
Vagabondo wrote:
Well, considering the fact that the O3800 is only running 8 threads when it could easilly handle 4X that at 1/CPU and it came in equivalent to a quad core opteron running at 2.6GHz...not too, I can use it to dry my hair in the morning :wink: .

Can't wait to see if the 8 threads ability was a proof of principle and can just be extended...and just spawn threads to the OS and have that take care of scheduling and resources.

Welcome Tartiflette!! The more the merrier :D

From what i've seen, digging in the blender code when making my own build on Mac OS X, you can raise the number of threads in the code as you wish, but i've read that the scaling isn't that good past a certain number of thread...

But i'm not even a programmer so i don't know for sure if that's true or not ? :?:

But it would be cool to see your O3800 running full throttle the bench just to know what to expect from such a beast ! :D

It's good to see that those processor and systems were really so good in the past, and that they can still compete with state of the art computers ! It says a lot about the possibilities back in thos days.. 8)

Anyway, i hope that Blender will live for a long time and that it will still be available for the SGI platform.

And thank you for the wlecome ! :wink:

Laurent aka Tartiflette :D