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Hey pipeline, what do you do...

Interesting Avatar of Schistosoma Mansoni, do you work with these bugs?
I would love to have a bike again.

Actually was looking into getting a smaller sportbike to zip around on this summer.

Have owned RZ500 (deadly but glad I sold it :twisted: )
and a Ducati 916 (everything a superbike should be...throaty twin with massive low end torque, steering like being on rails and very good manners when needed...badass when wanted).

Nothing like a twisty road on the right bike...

Best road travelled: 60km from Florence to Siena (The Back Way!!!)
I concur...just finished installing the new blender...

Using "test.blend" as instructed on the benchmarking site, but running 8 threads and 8*8 matrix, I achieved a 0:59.77 for a 32p O3800...

Top score on the benchmarking list was 2:01...

This is very promising. I am not aware how difficult it is to increase the number of threads...hope it can be done relatively easilly...would definately like to see what would happen if I could run 64 threads simultaneously!! Not sure where the point of scheduling diminishing returns is, but would definately bring new life to those of us with >8p Iron!!

Kudos for achieving this level of multi-threading. I dont want to appear demanding since this is a great step forward. Thanks to all who have worked to make this possible :D :D

Nevermind...looks as though the new years rebound got me: Quad 3GHz (Dual Dual core) with 16GB ram posted 2.XX SECONDS! Oh well...still room for improvement though :wink:
@fzalfa...what file were you using to benchmark your test??
Well, considering the fact that the O3800 is only running 8 threads when it could easilly handle 4X that at 1/CPU and it came in equivalent to a quad core opteron running at 2.6GHz...not too, I can use it to dry my hair in the morning :wink: .

Can't wait to see if the 8 threads ability was a proof of principle and can just be extended...and just spawn threads to the OS and have that take care of scheduling and resources.

Welcome Tartiflette!! The more the merrier :D
Unfortunately, I can confirm that the max of 8 threads still remains.

Installed the newest compile...It does allow you to SET >8 threads, but does not carry through to the process.

One step in the right direction though.

Thanks Jarndyce for the extra effort :wink:
Wouldnt it be possible to write a vfo with 1280X1200 and then use the dcd for dual input into the 30" since 1280 = 2560/2 and 1280/64 = 20??

sorry...just reread above and looks like you want 1600 vertical but you say the limit is 1200 with DVI? or is that just when using horz of 1920?
Still waiting to get my DUC back from service...

1995 M900, red...with the 41mm flatslide carbs and wide open jetting :wink: ...much safer on the highway when they can hear ya coming :twisted: .

Started out with a Yam RZ500, but being a grey market bike (in the very early days of ebay) finding parts was a PITA...although I definately have a soft spot for a V4 two-stroke. Nothing like them...power from 25hp to 105hp for a 350lb bike in 2500-3000 rpm. What a rush!

Went from that to a DUC 916... but you know the story...just grew out of it. Now I love the big, loud, torque without paying for it on my wrists and back.

Anyone here have any experience with the Moto Guzzis? Have my eye on an 1100i on ebay right now. Looks like it would be a great cruiser.
Definately has a unique character to it.
but the ergonomics were a little too, uhhh, european for me

What exactly do you mean by "European" ergonomics?
As the title states, I have been trying to get it to run on luck.

I could use this program on the Origin in place of some much more expensive commercial programs...and needless to say I could save lots-o-money :D .

Looks like it should be able to run on the latest JAVA for IRIX. What would I need to look for to make sure I have all of the pre-reqs installed for it to run?

Thanks for any/all help...

Note: I am assuming that you have Java 1.4.1_02 or 1.4.1_06 installed on your system.

Well, apparently that is my problem...I only have 1.4.0...

I have been looking for the download of 1.4.1_06, but no luck yet...will keep trying. ;)
Thanks for the referal Dr. Dave ;)

The best (and only because I stopped looking when I found a way that worked) way is through command line, but it can be a bit tedious.

There is a listing of all available modes/options for the divo DIVO?

Let me check my notes (if I still have them)...otherwise I will look to find it somewhere.
Exactly...I am sure that is the command I was using. If you type in -help or something there is a huge list of options to be used on capture from bit depth to compression (and specifics within compression), etc. That is also where you can use the 4:4:4:4 dual link capability of the board with genlock. Never tried it, but I was very impressed with the quality of the captures even if they were huge. Simple enough to string some FC drives and get sufficient space to work with.