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Hi all,

Just wondering what such a 3D/Animation program could do in a SGI.
This program was developed having in mind, some people bring work to home (these days maybe all :( ), for that reason you need a familiar gui, and an affordable price, with all functions and import export capabilities.
This all may be included in Luxology first project now called MODO.
Is a 3D program, that is supposed to offer all high end programs ( think Maya, Softimage, Houdini ) functions by a low price.
Check it out
Now I may sound like a freak, but I want that GUI for any Operating system I own you can spend long time without killing your eyes.... :wink:
Mac lovers, now you have another option beside Maya, blender, cinema4D
ohhh i see
hehe my fault
this means why im only an apprentice at all :D
hi fellows....

well looking for a matlab option in SGI and came with this...but
where is it ???

seems like a broken link
thanks in advance
hey!!! its working now...mhhh :roll:
feeling like a dumb
thanks for help
this goes to mips compiling gurus...
i was wondering if a wine version for IRIX does exists, or if it is possible to compile from source, if source available... :?
well whatever you do, plz don´t ban my ip, i know it may sound like a nightmare for IRIX devotes
thx in advance
i've heard that combination was still in development, dont´t know...
btw does anybody know if softwindows is still available?
coludnt find it...seems like abandonware
i installed it a few minutes ago...
i guess it should be no prob trying to run it, cos is very very light what i want to run....
but couldnt run it, since it requires a rom image, i guess its for the system it will run...
will spend more time later with this..
see ya

BTW there is a very low priced Octane 2 on ebay from rhemix for about 375 bucks....
good luck
well i thought that neko...was an abbreviation for nekonoko, word i believed was the name or nickname (well in fact is a nickname, isnt it )
and chan was for channel....

just like the channel of nekonoko...or channel of neko
well seems im far away of the real mean... could be great to all users post an image of themselves...maybe in a new section at the image gallery...of course if somebody is a hacker or something like that wont want to put one there....
the only pic from a guy i saw is of hakim


ps: Diego i agree with you about the background messages being sent with anime....u know even barbie does not have those bodies...
and im talking about this typical scene of anime:
the girl, with very little checked skirt, in red tones, white blouse, and his hair and skirt dancing with the wind in the up of the hill, big eyes crying, and a u can see white pants when winds speeds up...
if this is not a clear message...then what is it?
maybe im missunderstood
i like anime....and today liking it more....human expressions on anime are by far better created than in the "walt disney" way...

hey i grow up watching "Super Campeones" after school
do u remeber? im talking about the football anime series, with korioto brothers, super speed shots that destroyed nets, and walls, football matches lasting about 2 or 3 episodes....

nowdays, just cant get out of my head the scenes of kill bill...i dont understand too much of art, but those scenes were a perfect piece of art for me....

now want to see ghost in the shell, creators of kill bill anime scenes, but seems here there is no a big demand for anime films.... :?

saludos desde el otro lado del charco
in my personal experience , i found that irix was a tricky one, but because i was new to it....
when i was 14 i installed suse, and it was hard trick... well for me... :) dont want to revive my ISA modem driver installing eperience, arghhhh

the only big problem with irix was geting the cdrom to be recognizable by the prom.... im talking about 1-3 days... it was only a mere parity it was more an scsi trick than an IRIX trick...

only one thing rest to me to install...(and maybe this is the cause i would vote for linux....)
installing opengl support under linux....redhat 8, 9 , suse 8...cant remember the numbers now...but for more than a week i was trying to get it working with a geforce2 mx.... no way... when i changed my X settings, the sys crashed...i mean x didnt started....

well in a few days or more (for sure more) ill try to install linux again, and see if i can get opengl with an fx 5700....
BTW, can u recommend a linux flavour?, want to get the more friendly and usable one, u know...
I am looking for this, is for a project at the Univ. I need relative low power consumption on this, no need for vga (preferable no vga at all) pc card port would be good, also flash port would be great.

No fancy things required, just basic platform for a control system running under QNX.

If you can recommend one, please also post here, dont know where else in the forum i would post this.

thx Diego, looks cool but QNX need or a good RTOS is a must. Dont know if RTOS linux side would work well. This board is limited for those "oem" linux and windows OS the company offer???

oh man... it runs very smooth here, a pitty it was dropped...
mmhh that was the kind of answers i was also looking for, needles to say google is full of this stuff and tuts, but when i need to learn something from zero, a book just a book is preferable for me.... then i can understand tuts etc...

will look for that book ( a friend gave me the ANSI C from the creators of C and Unix, a good book to start off i think), if not here, amazon here we go!

PS: This can also be interpreted as if somebody has a book for sell and want to get some cash for it :roll: (please no underlined :D )

kind offtopic, but its common SGI releases courtesy keys? free is always good!
yeah... waiting looks like the more reasonable decision in these cases, wait till the mid of the year or the end of it, sure new toys will come out and more apps will be "universalized"
Ultra 30 Creator 3D
nah... they might be putting some make up to it like
just love it... 10 thumbs up :D