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ruckusman wrote: Is anyone able to verify if the V6 supports 1280 x 1025 @75 Hz?

Nope, it doesn't. You'll need a V10 or a V12 for 1280 x 1024 @ 75Hz. For a list of supported resolutions for VPro, you can refer to this link ... tions.html
unixmuseum wrote: But the main question I want to ask: can I run Linux on it?

<------------------ You've forced me to re-hijack your avtar..... look it's Linux 'running' !
Ay dios mio ... Carrrrruuuumba !

This is a real testament to inferior packing, but it also shows how badly the shipper mistreats their cargo.

If this was wrapped securely with bubble wrap eight inches thick on all sides (as was the Octane2 I just received) or foam packed, the Octane would have survived the shippers inevitable 4 foot drops. Still it ticks me off when I see the condition the outer container is in when I receive a package, especially when it is emblazoned with "FRAGILE".
choza wrote: just love it... 10 thumbs up :D

Fabulous work folks !

Two thumbs up while I'm hangin' ten!! :wink:

hamei wrote:
digitalpioneer wrote: Two thumbs up while I'm hangin' ten!! :wink:


We don't want your damned thumbs. Just hand over the girl !

@hamei: She is quite ... ummm ... errrr ... ahhhhh... shall we say comely, now isn't she?

hamei wrote:

Indubitably :P

That wav file refuses to play at the correct speed for me, however. Strange.

Sorry, hamei... hopefully you got the jest of it... even at the wrong speed.