The collected works of jnolck

I almost have all the sgi hardware i want. I also have some that i don't want anymore.

This is what i want to trade:

1 SGI monitor
1 SGI 02
1 SGI Indigo


This are the things i want buy:

1 ESI board for an Octane
1 Octane speaker set
1 External CDROM drive for octane

Things for trade notes:

-The sgi monitor does not have a 13w3 cable
-The o2 has no memory, broken cdrom, no hdd's, broken skins. However it does turn on and the led stays orange.
-The indigo has a bad tod battery.
Like i said before, the tod battery on it is dead. I can't really tell you how much memory it has, but i can give you this:




Unless there is any objections, sure. Just pm your address. I'm going to need help sending it. I've never shipped anything so i wouldn't know how to package and send etc.
I got that o2 for free. I have to give it away, otherwise i'll lose some karma points.
You can have that stuff neko, that's why i'm posting here. Wolves i am gaining something, free closet space. PM your address i'll send it to you.
It would be nice if i didn't have to set up a different account to edit the wiki.
I didn't mean to be Ungrateful.