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+1 on the video, preferably it runnung Quake
kev009 wrote:

Just got a Sunblade 2500 silver and a V445. OBP is down level for both systems. Is it available anywhere other than Oracle's paywall?

The 2500 has an interesting video card, a Tritec DG2-64-1: ... aphiccards
It's radeon based and similar to the XVR-100 but has dual DVI. As far as I can tell, it doesn't work as an OpenBoot screen though. I'm not terribly experienced with Sun gear so I'm not sure if it has to be enabled or what. Any hope?

Any recent efforts to get the XVR-600 or XVR-1200 supported in xorg? Otherwise I guess I'll be grabbing an XVR-100, the intent is to run Solaris 11 or OpenIndiana on the 2500.

I found some documentation for the SunBlade 2500 and XVR cards in (it redirects to a non-paywalled page). Documentation for Sun stuff is under "Legacy Sun Products" obviously. Here is the specific link for the Sun Blade 2500. (convinient zip package for English language here ). Here is the specific link for the XVR graphics cards. I don't know if these are what you are looking for.

PS: Can you point to the specific paywalled page you tried to access?
I hate to be "that guy", but can you please warn people when you post a link to an .ru site? (save for a couple of well-known ones) Even if the site itself is OK, the local ad agencies they choose serve the occassional malvertizing treat.

Again, sorry to be that guy.
sgifanatic wrote: And here's Apple telling us they are actually cheaper than PCs:

I lol'ed at "had to but new programs". For most people, it was exactly the opposite. They had a stash of windows software copied from friends (freeware or not), and maybe some genuine windows software, and if you moved to Macs, you had to buy everything from scratch (or be extremely lucky to also have a friend with a Mac).

Also, before laptops, people used to build their own systems and salvage soundcards, optical disc drives, floppy drives, mice, keyboards, monitors etc from their old PC. This brought down the price quickly.
toasty wrote: Software - It looks like Firefox 31 (ESR, mind you) is the most recent build of FF and Thunderbird for SPARC.

Wow! Things have degenerated a lot for SPARC desktops. Not even the latest ESR? How long will Firefox 31 ESR be supported with security fixes? And the fact most malware is x86/win32 isn't much comfort, there are XSSes and cookie theft vulns.

Now Flash, I think Flash Player 10 was the last version for SPARC?

Does it matter? Any computer not running Windows should not have Flash anymore. And on Windows it's just because YouTube with flash consumes less CPU than the HTML5 video player.
The point of my post was not (only) to lament the state of SPARC desktops when it comes to software support, but that "using it as a daily driver" is NOT a good idea if you don't have access to browser security fixes.