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foetz wrote:
sciencedata wrote: First the cost, AD wants $200K for 30 seats of Maya8U. Second upgrade costs, I have been a user since PA5 and Maya1, and AD wants the full retail to upgrade from MAYA6 to Maya8, plus dropping Irix. Thanks. What professional software is still out there that supports Irix, I may be beating a dead horse, I guess. Thanks.

of course. that's an individual choice.
you have to decide if you 'need' maya above 6.5 or not. anyhow if you decide you do need v8 you can definitely forget blender.

I don't agree to that one. If you just go to the site and read the approvements made in the last versions you'll see that there are some genius math in Blender. It's on its way to become high-end.