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Hi everyone. Very interesting forum, kinda makes me want to spend more money and get some SGI stuff. :)

I recently purchased a Sun Blade 2500 system, which I am in the process of getting up and running. I have OpenSXCE on it, a LSI SAS controller, and a 60GB OCZ SSD. It runs reasonably fast given it's age. I have a dual-CPU model, though the Ebay seller forgot the second CPU. Anyway, I bought a pair of 1.5 GHz CPUs on Ebay for $25, I figured it was worth the chance. However, while the CPU I put in the socket does work, it shows up at 1.28 GHz. Is there any way to make it run at 1.5?



PS Moving from the XVR-100 to the 1200 was not a fun experience to get the console working again...
I have found the reference to that online, which seems to be JP3. I have started messing with it, but so far all I have is a triple-beep power-off, and slow, slower, and slowest so far. :)

It's 3 bits so ... 8 combinations..should be easy enough to run through :) Unless someone else has done this and is certain all the ratios are lower then the 010 pattern is.

Well I ran through the possible combinations today:

000 - Three Beeps
001 - 1200 (150)
010 - 1280 (160) - Default Setting
011 - Three Beeps
100 - 720 (120)
101 - Three Beeps
110 - 1064 (152)
111 - Three Beeps

The number in () is the bus speed.

So indeed, it does look like there is no way to run the CPUs at any higher speed then 1280 with the Red series motherboard.

Re-did the thermal compound with Arctic Silver so it should run nice and cool.

The speed isn't terrible at all - just not blazingly fast either. :)

Ie, my Dell laptop with a SSD loads Ubuntu in 10 seconds from the bootloader.

The Sun takes about 1 min 20 seconds to hit X. Which, given it's age, isn't terrible, but... :)

Still trying to figure out what i want to do to get into IRIX. That and AIX are the "odd" Unicies that I want to try.

Nuke wrote:
So I decided to use SmartOS since I hear that it's a stable distro of illumos. Not sure about OmniOS, but the hosting with it was super expensive relative to SmartOS hosting, so I figured I'd try SmartOS.

Anyway, I don't know if this applies to every other implementation of Zones, but here's the error I keep getting:

"[root@70-54-d2-19-68-c1 ~]# vmadm create -f ekunia1.json
UNCAUGHT EXCEPTION (84fe15c5): dumping core

fs.readFile (fs.js:176:14)
Object.oncomplete (fs.js:297:15)
Abort (core dumped)"

Furthermore, the ekunia1.json manifest being summoned:

"brand": "joyent",
"dataset_uuid": "a0f8cf30-f2ea-11e1-8a51-5793736be67c",
"alias": "ekunia1",
"hostname": "ekunia1",
"max_physical_memory": 32768,
"zfs_root_compression": lzjb
"quota": 0,
"nics": [
"nic_tag": "admin",
"ip": "",
"netmask": "",
"gateway": ""

EDIT: I'd also like to mention that this is an undocumented error AFAIK.

Two things stick out to me:

Try removing
"zfs_root_compression": lzjb

and the fact that the gateway doesn't mesh with the IP/Netmask combo could be causing issues. Try removing those items and trying again.