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I have a chance to pick up VW 320. Unfortunately it comes with no OS installed. I have a little knowledge about this class of SGI machines, but I suppose the proprietary components of it may require specific drivers supplied from SGI, not included into standard NT 4.0 or W2000 distribution. Is that true? If so, are those drivers possible to find? Is VW worthless w/o those drivers?
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The hard drive was recycled and replaced with a new, blank one. So without that impossible to find NT media VW is useless? No graphics acceleration, no access to built-in vidio I/O devices?
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Is this "Supplemental Software Kit" ( ) all I need to get the full power of VW?
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Looks like all required drivers are still available from Rackable:


Geoman , thanks for pointing me the right direction!
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hamei wrote: They make a pretty nice high-quality Windows 2000 computer.

the memory is kind of flaky, after a while you get tired of it.

Finally I'm gonna have a Windows PC in my house. What does "flaky" mean, btw?
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Thanks for the info, guys!

There are 12 memory modules with a total amount of 1024 megs. How on earth 1024 divides by 12?!

Does that Cobalt chip support any version of DirectX? Does anyone have any experience running games that require graphics acceleration?
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Btw, is setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH okay for IRIX? It is highly recommended not to do that on Solaris.
Solaris uses a tool called "crle" to set up library paths. ... y_path_the
sgifanatic wrote: I found this one in BYTE.

"Cheaper"? Really?
Thanks for the help! I exect the machine to arrive by the end of the week, so Ill be back with more questions soon! 8-)
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foetz wrote: well that blog article seems like defending the leave of a common path and searching excuses for doing so.

Well, my initial message was just a question. I didn't mean to say everyone should avoid ld_lib_path even on IRIX.

instead of useful stuff they added more bloat

That's why i stick with Solaris 9
Good to see there are so many VW( not Volkswagen)fans around. Thanks, guys, you're de best! Image
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goldenamber wrote: Nevermind, I'm selling my Indy.

This was the first thing I wanted to advise you.
hamei wrote: Is there something else for morphing ?

Alias Composer:

Apple Shake:
MOAR VIDEOS: "Smoke & Mirrors", "CyberAnatomy"
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Boris@kremlin - lol :mrgreen:
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I got an Elite3D m6 framebuffer which works only with the daughterboard detached:


If the daughterboard is connected, the monitor powers on like it receives a signal, but the screen remains black. And it seems like the system just hangs- if I blind type "power-off", nothing happens.

Is there any way to diagnose the problem and what is the puprose of that daughterboard?

btw - cool new logo in the OBP:

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sgifanatic wrote: I you might consider system usage demonstrations, irix desktop interactions.

Such videos are best with a commentary, but I'm not the best english speaker in the world. Although I could do videos with text commentary.
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vishnu wrote: written use of the language is certainly flawless, how did you come to know it so well? If I may be so bold as to enquire... :P

You must be mocking. My english is self-taught mostly from icq-chatting and in-game dialogues: :D
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Btw if you install an optional hard drive into an Octane the blanking panel must be removed.
Stoo wrote: Darktable

Requires cmake. No, thanks.
hamei wrote: If one were going to write integer-heavy apps you'd have to be a lunatic to choose Irix ...

If one were going to write integer-only apps for scientific computing, you'd have to be a lunatic to use them...
Btw, HIIP from the Hotmix#18 CD seems to be fine.

well, you can do some stuff even with demo version: (6mb gif)
ok, finally the box has arrived.


W2k is on the way


overall the system seems to be in a decent condition, although needs alot of care: cleaning, replacing missing part, etc. And, yes, Hamei, you were right- the memory is "flaky".
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Pontus wrote: I look at it as a generic PC and run Ubuntu on it.

Indeed, because 550 IS a generic PC, probably just a rebadged Intergraph, while 320 is based on unique architecture and I don't think you can run Ubuntu on it.
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If only someone could tell me what's the use of that bracket and the daughterboard itself?
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yes, that was a suprpise how big this thing actually is.

Could anyone show me the location of those custom chips - Lithium, Cobalt, Arsenic?

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I can provide you wrml model of Octane from Octane demos if you're interested.
The models are quite detailed - it won't be easy to surpass them. I've uploaded them on dropbox in case someone else needs them:

(link removed)

These are Inventor models, not wrml.
robespierre wrote: It just seems obvious that


Geoman wrote: the memory modules look like cut-in-thirds Octane 1 GB modules - interesting.

A closer shot:

What is the real capacity of these? System detects 1024 megs, but from my understanding 1024 can hardly be divided by 12.

Big dissapointment: the system doesn't play any sound on startup. Welcome to PC world.
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dang, so may formats and most of them are just a plain text with coordinates of verticles, still incompatible tho.

I also found some models in .wrl.gz format. Maybe someone can suggest a converter.
Alright, later this evening. I have already shut down my Octane.
robespierre wrote: The daughter board is what makes it an m6 as opposed to an m3.

This is why I feel almost no improvement over my old Creator3D.
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I beleive all those modules are idential. After receiving 320 I removed and cleaned all the modules and put them back in random order. Labels also seem to be ideitical. The wikipedia page states that the maximum memory per module was 96Mb which gives us 1152(96*12) in total.
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This is how these "crappy" models look like. You can download them directly from my Octane while it's running or i will upload them to dropbox later:

edit: link removed

Well, actually these are shots of Inventor models, I don't remember clearly if WRML models are as good.
My pleasure! I have alot of good stuff.
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jpstewart wrote: 16M x 48 parts, 768 Mbits 96 MBytes ECC 288 bits, 256 bit wide 32 of them

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Damn, each time someone says "thank you" the server just crashes again! Stop it! :lol: