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London was horrible yesterday. How can you have a Japanese food festival when it's just too hot to feel like eating?
Cooler now, but we seem to have a rainy season here in England. Floods and landslides in Cornwall and Stirling up in Scotland. Also, the road floods outside our house if it gets really bad...
The IQ of your average nekochanner is higher than that of you usual bulletin board user. It probably is a bad idea, yet I don't think we'll have many pointless post-count boosting posts.

Oh, and 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
dexter1 wrote: And at 300 everybody is capped to "complete".

So how can 90 posts be equal to 52% if 100% is 300 posts?
I've gone to watching lots of classic stuff, as I'm now on a Uni connection and it's a bit tricky to aquire new stuff :)
There's a massive notice up saying "Don't do it", so I'll just wait until I go back home in a couple of weeks :)