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I am considering running Blender on my SGI Origin 3800 64P 400mhz. Is is worth it or should I just move to a small render farm of Xeon Quad Core 3ghz? I am also having a problem running 2.43 on my test 02, I am getting a cant find libs error. I ran Blender years ago on 02s with no problem. Thanks.
First the cost, AD wants $200K for 30 seats of Maya8U. Second upgrade costs, I have been a user since PA5 and Maya1, and AD wants the full retail to upgrade from MAYA6 to Maya8, plus dropping Irix. Thanks. What professional software is still out there that supports Irix, I may be beating a dead horse, I guess. Thanks.
I hope that this is the correct place to ask these questions, if not forgive me. What is the minimum IRIX overlay version for Blender2.43? I am running 6.5.6 on my 02s because I still use Alias Composer 5.5 and Zapit!2. I cannot run anything above Blender2.25 on the 6.5.6 02s because I get a long library error, Blender2.04 works fine. I also have older Indigo2s, Indys, an Onyx2 4P deskside and a Origin 3800 64P; can I run on the older Indigo2s and Indys and use the multi-proc capacity of the newer Onyx2 and Origin3800? I may also buy some Octanes, Fuels and Tezros; are they compatible with Blender2.43? Thank you.