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Are you talking about the project "Darwine" which combines WINE with a x86 CPU emulator? (Opps, I have forgotten the name of the emulator.)
choza wrote: i've heard that combination was still in development, dont´t know...
btw does anybody know if softwindows is still available?
coludnt find it...seems like abandonware

Why not try bochs if you really want to emu a x86 box?
nekonoko wrote:
shyouko wrote: Are you talking about the project "Darwine" which combines WINE with a x86 CPU emulator? (Opps, I have forgotten the name of the emulator.)

Yes, though Darwine is for Mac OS X only at this point (and doesn't really work yet). A similar approach could enable WINE to work on IRIX but it's still quite a ways off.

I recommend taking a look at SoftWindows 95; it has reasonably fast emulation and will run basic Win32 binaries. SoftWindows 95 originally shipped with O2 (maybe Octane as well) as part of the IRIX package so it's pretty easy to find - it's on the Applications CD on older distributions; i.e. IRIX 6.3 Applications November 1996 813-0599-002 or by itself as Insignia SoftWindows 95 4.0 for IRIX 6.3 and 6.4 812-0690-001 . Newer Applications CDs such as IRIX 6.3 Applications August 1997 813-0599-003 no longer include a copy so watch out for that.

I know nothing about those IRIX stuff but I wonder if Bochs + ReactOS would work as well as SoftWindows 95?
nekonoko wrote:
shyouko wrote: I know nothing about those IRIX stuff but I wonder if Bochs + ReactOS would work as well as SoftWindows 95?

You can pretty easily try it and see. I've found Bochs to be painfully slow - on MIPS at least - but a version is available on SGI Freeware:

Oh, well.
In fact, it's pretty hard for me to try coz I have no access to any SGI hardware, well, I have never touch one!

I'm just applying my Unix knowleadge here.

I'd like to read if someone has experience doing such an experiment.
Finally, I've tried the Bochs + ReactOS combination for myself (On an iBook G4 1GHz).
Painfully slow which makes it impossible to even go throw the setup wizard... :oops:

SoftWindows 95 seems a viable option here.

BTW, any other peecee visualization solution for IRIX?
Read only XFS support is now available in FreeBSD-6-current.
Any hope of having it ported to OS X? :?
Um... Guess now I should learn how not to trust my brain.

After all, its origin is unknown! :P
Isn't Pascal designed for use as a teaching tool at first?
Compilers available on a lot of platforms too.

BASIC.... I remember I did have a really hard time trying to figure out how to do some simple text transformations... But my first programming language learnt was LOGO.

8088... Learning it right now. Luckily the professor allow us to code in C starting this year.
I really don't want to code assembly (yet).
Children want to see / hear things asap, so I guess most programming language would be boring...

But what about Javascript/DHTML?

You don't even need a compiler for that just a text editor and a Firefox installation will do. Plus there's a lot of tutorial and examples on the net that can help get your kids started quick.
Cyberduck for FTP/SFTP
Carbon Copy Cloner for Backup
pentium wrote:
If you are looking for pure-power in a Mac , go for an Intel

Those two words should NEVER be in the same sentence.

Nope. Those Intel Macs are fast, and they are Mac.
cybercow wrote: ... i readed that current industrial mainstream in hollywood is a mac runing linux ...

How is an Intel Mac running Linux different from a well-built PC running Linux? I wonder.
I got my iMac DV (G3 600MHz, 512MB SDRAM, 20GB HDD) for USD70 and it makes a very decent AIO Internet machine. Had been running Tiger until it no longer boots and performance was pretty good for its age.
Tiger is faster when given sufficient memory, otherwise Panther is still a good choice but you'll have to put up with older third party software.
SAQ wrote:
shyouko wrote: Tiger is faster when given sufficient memory, otherwise Panther is still a good choice but you'll have to put up with older third party software.

What is the problem with Apple software developers? Many Windows apps can still run on 2000, I'd say most Sun apps run back to Solaris 8, AIX is usually back to 5.3 or 5.1 - but Macintosh apps are almost invariably compiled for N-1 (or even current only), and Apple updates ~every 2 years.

Guess it's because Win32 has been there for a very long time and Microsoft is very committed to backward compatibility.

Meanwhile, Apple is still busy adding new frameworks and updating the Cocoa API. As it stabilises, Leopard is breaking much less old apps from Tiger already.
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You can actually see the whole list when you click on "View more smilies".
The Keeper wrote:
While you're in the immediate vicinity of the 山の手, could you please do me a favor and confirm which of these tunes you hear while on that line?

My wife and I can't really recall the details at this point...


All the 6 tunes are used on the Yamanote Line.

JR_05 is used at Yurakucho station.

I need to check my CD for others...
Darn... the few sites that have been hosting these bells have been taken down due to copyright issue...

The CD I have only got 5 tracks from Yamanote (Shinjuku / Takadanobaba / Ikebukuro / Meguro / Shibuya).
I shall check it while playing Densha de Go Final next time...
I'm happier with phpBB than vB. :oops:
japes wrote:
I am anti-vBulletin, only because nearly every vBulletin admin has their forum set to require you to login for attachments and images. Even if I'm a registered user it's annoying to always login to see content that might solve an issue I'm researching.

Now you mention this, I wonder how Google index those pages.
nekonoko wrote:
That's a vBulletin feature. phpBB doesn't support plugins, only direct code mods (which are a pain in the ass to maintain).

True, I've done that to my board and now I can't even move to the newest subversion...
The most important thing for PPC Mac to run a web browser: Skip Flash and load it only when you have to.

1. Firefox -> FlashBlock
2. Safari -> ClickToFlash

Gosh, even my Intel Mac needs this kind of treatment... Flash sucks.
nekonoko wrote:
I'm now trying out the new captcha options in 3.0.6 -- a question/answer captcha rather than distorted text.

Hopefully targeted questions such as "Name the operating system used by SGI's MIPS-based computers" and "What does the "S" in SGI stand for" will be easy for legitimate users (potentially much easier than straining with a hard-to-see text captcha) while obscure enough to discourage the cell phone/shoe/handbag salesmen.

Can I "Like" this as I "Like" it on facebook? :lol:
PymbleSoftware wrote:
There is nothing to buy in or near Meiji Shrine.

Yes, there is.
You can get Hamaya, Omamori or other Shinto related stuff just outside the shrine, or get tradition souvenirs from the kiosk.
indyman007 wrote:
Right, well I have taken a look into matters, one of the RAM sticks or RAM socket is Kaput, I will try with some other ram I have.

I would also like to get my hands on a Pidgin release for 10.3 but I cannot seem to find one anywhere.

Any ideas?

Good luck.
Regarding USB 2.0 cards, I heard that only those with NEC chips work?
indyman007 wrote:
Hey it wouldn't be computing without problems :) .

The colloquy chat client seems to lock up quite regularly at the moment, I have the console window up but there is nothing in it, eventually I have to force quit the application, any ideas?

And yes, the mac will soon be running 10.5 :) As soon as my 8GB USB stick arrives :) ...well that is the plan anyway.

Running Colloquy 2.3 build 4617 7x24 for weeks, no issue.
indyman007 wrote:
This may be a bit of a stupid question, but I cannot find opera on the opera site, I am after version 9.
Like the new style, and finally its performance matches my expectation, sure will get one when it comes out.


Then according to Mactracker…
PowerMac G5 dual 1.8GHz: 1592
PowerMac G5 dual 2GHz: 1671
Arghhhhhh! So spacious.

I'm living in Hong Kong and can only dream...
One of my fav picture viewer in OS X

Last version released on the web site in 2009 was compiled with Tiger SDK.
It has numerous random crashes on my Retina MacBook Pro (I don't recall if it crashed on my MBP 15" Late 11).

Since it ran pretty much bug free before I switched to this new MBPr, I guessed it needs to be recompiled with some newer SDK.

And here you have it, FFView 0.9.10 (same version as on recompiled using Xcode 5.1 with Mavericks SDK.
Sadly since it uses some Carbon framework, I could not recompile it with 64bit target.

But it runs pretty much crash-free for me now.
(NB: You will still want to reduce the [Ring buffer to 1] and [Fetch Distance to 0] in Preferences>Advanced)

SMB might be easier…

Maybe you can share the line concerned in exports for everyone to take a look?
I assume the mapall flag would override any UID issues?

I'd suggest you get another UNIX/Linux to mount the NFS share to make sure the G5 is serving the NFS share correctly, before we decide where the fingers should be pointed.

Maybe stating the obvious, do you have firewall on the G5? I'm just not sure if ipfw is smart enough to let things through…
I guess you can always get the screws for your Mac at the Genius Bar if you ask nicely.
Genius, as printed on my business card.

But they hire too many idiots, so I'm quitting.
Oskar45 wrote:
shyouko wrote: Genius, as printed on my business card.

But they hire too many idiots, so I'm quitting.

So you're indeed job-less?

Nope, quitting but yet.
Hired to become a System Engineer for some Solaris clouds and GPU clusters.
Getting started (again) as a System Engineer at a local HPC cluster solution & cloud hosting company.
I read the heroine ran all the time with her heels throughout the movie...