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Bought a 17" today but seems not many programs have the binaries for the new Intel Mac, not even sure if there's a driver for Elgato EyeTV.
What was I thinking@@

Anyway, looks nice as usual, 200-pin laptop SODIM memory instead of
184-pin desktop DIMM for the G5 iMac, so going to cost a bit more to max it up.
So far I have only installed Office 2004 and Final Draft 7, both works without losing speed but takes longer to load then my G5 DP PowerMac.
Reasons why I bought the Intel iMac

1. already have a few G5 Macs and it's the only Intel Mac in my local area
2. the G5 iMac in shop does not come with iLife 6
3. CPU consumes much less power, basicall a laptop in iMac's case
4. Better graphics card for similar amount of money
5. Apple has gone "all-in" with the Intel migration, as far as I know they would be lucky to make 100 dollars per iMac sold therefore I think they will try to make as many universal binaries avaliable as soon as possible
6. I was out of my mind.....

Pop into your local Apple center and try the Intel Mac before you make the decision, at the moment I don't feel the "Core Duo" CPU helps the iMac so much, at least I can't tell the speed increase compare to my G5s, Firefox and Thunderbird take as much time to start as my mini, but maybe this will change when I get more RAM.
Very true, Intel will have the 64bit dual core out around that time too.
and the DDR2 667 SODIM RAM is freaking hard to find, bought a pair of 1GB from Crucial, was expecting them to be delivered last week, now Crucial told me they ran out of stock, lead time is up to 14 days.

Intego says their softwares are universal binaries, but people in my local Apple center show me the e-mail from Intego saying their softwares work under Rosetta, I am very confused now, isn't the whole point of universal binary is for the software to run natively in Intel Mac?
Are Macs so expensive in China? I saw quiet a few people/students using iBooks and Powerbooks in the Beijing Starbucks.

Very fast too boot into OSX, but takes a long time to start Firefox or Thunderbird.
The IPEVO phone for Skype works with the Intel Macs, althought the sound quality isn't as good as I expected.

Intego's softwares work very well, version X4, X3 or earlier will not load), I tried ClamX but that won't load too, so end up parting another 70 pounds for the X4, their pricing is retarded, I have the previous version hense I asked for the upgrade price, was quoted 85 Euro to upgrade all my Intego softwares, but on the high street, I can buy a brand new copy for 70 UK pounds!

Crucial UK sells the 1GB 667 SODIMM for 124.54 UK pounds, I should have bought the 20" iMac from Apple with the memory upgrade as Apple UK charges 197 to upgrade the RAM to 2GB.

One bad thing about the iMac ----- Mightymouse SUCKS!!!
Yakitate, ended few days ago, about bread making, very funny, don't think it will be so funny once it's translated to English.

Major 2nd, a squal, for baseball fans.